Dave Hargreaves

Dave Hargreaves - Master Mechanic

Dave grew up around motorcycles. With three uncles and family friends into motorsports (and motorcycles in particular), it has been a lifelong passion. His first street motorcycle in 1991 (which he still owns) is a 1973 CB 350 twin. Since then he has worked in many motorcycle shops - from Harley in Scottsdale, AZ to Confederate Motorcycles in New Orleans, LA where he helped bring the Confederate Wraith to fruition. After Katrina and relocating back to his hometown of San Diego, he started Cerberus Motorcycles out of the garage in his house, primarily focusing on rebuilding and restyling vintage Japanese motorcycles.  As a master mechanic with a unique eye for detail, he is the man that keeps this place running. He's got a head full of knowledge and is at any moment willing to share. As the founder and co-owner of Cerberus Moto, Dave wanted to have a motorcycle shop to help people learn how to work on their motorcycles.


Jennifer Gardner


Jennifer Gardner - Lady in Charge

Jennifer has been interested in motorcycles since she got together with Dave in 2010. She flew out to Tennessee to meet up with him and ride on the back of his CB750, but found it was only a one-seater. So she put her master seamstress skills to work making her first motorcycle seat so she could ride on the back! When Dave moved to San Diego she encouraged him to open his own shop. While working in the shop with Dave, she has learned a lot about motorcycles. Now as Cerberus Moto co-owner she helps Dave and the members on their bikes. Helping with wiring and answering any questions she can. She is an integral part of the motorcycle shop, keeping the shop running behind the scenes, keeping up the social media presence, making sure everyone has what they need in the motorcycle shop and helping Dave.  Jennifer also has her motorcycle license and has a CB450a, a beautiful bike and definitely a head turner.