Cerberus Moto says

Good-bye and Thank You

for the Memories.   

Cerberus Moto has been the shop of dreams. Dreams built buy hand. Greasy, oily hands that have never seen the inside of an engine before. All the inner workings of a carburetor, learning the difference between using a delicate touch to hitting something with a rubber mallet. Seeing metal bend at ones will or at times not at your will. But, in the end all the hard work, sweat and sometimes tears, was a bike people were proud of. Something they could pound their chest and say "I MADE THIS".

It was always our passion over these 11 years to help people fix or build their own bike. So many amazing bikes came out of our doors. From entering as a box of parts to leaving as a show quality bike. We have made life long friends with many that have graced us with their laughter, inquisitive minds and the passion to learn.

But now it is time to say good-bye. We have to close our doors for good. At least in a sense of having a storefront. Dave will still be building bikes, with Jen at his side. We have helped so many, but the idea of a DIY shop in San Diego has passed. We are sad we have to close, but we can no longer keep the doors open.Believe me, this is hard to do, and it was a hard decision. We have loved what we have provided to the community.

With all this in mind, this is where you can take home a bit of Cerberus with you. Nearly everything is up for auction at the shop on the FB page.. Tools, antiques, bikes, benches, parts. Auction is until August 3rd. The shop will be closed for good on August 18th.

Again, thank you for everyone who has supported us.