Intro in Motorcycle Maintenance WEDNESDAY AUG 3RD


Intro in Motorcycle Maintenance WEDNESDAY AUG 3RD


This is an introductory workshop on basic motorcycle maintenance. This is great for new riders or for those looking into working on their own bike. 

In this workshop you will be shown on a Demo bike all the components that make your bike run. The ABC's of a pre-flight check. Learn the basic skills to keep your bike running and safe to ride. Adjusting your chain, checking your tires, and spotting safety issues. We will talk about what maintenance needs to be done on a regular basis. Also what tools to have in your tool bag.

Since this workshop is done on a demo bike any questions you may have about your bike can be answered. This is a casual setting after all.  

If you know about how tools work and have done some maintenance on your bike and are looking for something a little more involved. Then sign up for our Basic Maintenance workshop. Also, when you finish the Intro In Motorcycle Maintenance workshop the Basic Maintenance workshop is the greatest next step you can take to get more familiar with your bike and Basic repair. 

COST : $75

LENGTH : 3 hours

TIME : 6pm

TO SIGN UP: Click on link below.

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