Here at Cerberus Moto you can come in with your motorcycle and work on it in our motorcycle shop. You will have access to a bench, basic tools, specialty tools, a library of service manuals, electrical tool cart, engine bay, paint booth, metal/ welding bay, and more. You will learn how to fix and customize your motorcycle with the help of Dave Hargreaves and Jennifer Gardner. We will give you over the shoulder help, but also hands on if you need it. The goal is for you to do it yourself and be proud that you know you did it. 

Membership Pricing

Project Level:    $225 per month

      This is for the person who wants to do a full tear down of their bike or that has a lot of maintenance to do on their motorcycle. You want to make it better, stronger, faster. You know it will take a long time so this is your level. It includes:

  • Use of shop: Come in and work on your bike during open hours with free over night storage.
  • Platform Bench use: $25 overnight or $100 for exclusive use for a month.                                                                                                                                        

Daily Access:    $100 per month 

      This level is for riders with basic maintenance, upgrades, and mild customization knowing you can get it done in a day or two.

  • Use of shop: Come in and work on your bike during open hours.
  • Overnight Storage: $15 
  • Platform Bench use: $25 overnight                                                                                                                                                      

 Year in Advance:     $2475

      This level is for the hard core Motorcycle rebuild. You pay for a year in advance (with one month free), and it includes the full use of the facilities, discounts on labor, as well as overnight storage for your bike and parts.

Discount Fees For All Level Members:

  • $20 per hour vapor blast use
  • $20 per hour hands- on mechanic fee
  • $40 per hour welding and mill fee
  • $15 overnight hydraulic jack use
  • $20 per month exclusive use of black tiered roll carts
  • $25 tire change (this includes the recycle fee)
  • $5 oil/gas recycle fee
  • 1 box for storage, also $20 per month for each extra box
  • 50% off all workshops