Thanks to all the enthusiasm of members wanting to learn on their own bikes we grew out of our old location. If you were in there a few months ago, you knew it was getting pretty tight in there to work on your bike. 

We moved to 7082 El Cajon Blvd. , just two blocks from our old location. In the new space we can now offer more amazing things for members and non-members. We have a nice lounge area with a coffee and tea station. We can move the couches around and bring down the large screen and show movies or races for everyone to watch.

We have a larger retail area, boosting KnN filters, Motol oils, Stay Ridin stickers and shirts, Nuviz heads up display, WD-40 products, Purpose Built turn signals, handle bar controls, and headlights (we will be the only US distributor of their amazing products), Spiegler brake lines, and Moto Gadget products, featuring the M-Unit V2 and Blue, plus we have 4 more display cabinets to sell other motorcycle related products. (stay tuned to find out what we will be carrying in house).

The next area is Dave and Jen's custom build section. Showcasing the latest builds that you just have to see to believe. All surrounded by a vast amount of motorcycle memorabilia from tanks and helmets, jackets, antiques of all sorts, vintage motorcycle magazines and more.

The other half of this amazing space is set up for the members. In The Tubs building, we could support 4 work benches for the members plus floor space. Now, we can support 10 work benches plus floor space to work on your bike! Dedicated electrical area, metal area, engine autopsy room, welding area and a paint booth. We also have the only usable Vapor Honing machine for people to rent or pay Jen to make your parts look shiny and new (this is her favorite machine ever!) If you don't know what a vapor honing machine is, come into the shop and Jen will tell you all about it. In the members area there is also the "Dirty Lounge". An area for members to sit, relax, play darts, and watch all the action. 

So you just have to come down and see the new space, sign up for a membership, and start building your dream bike.