Welcome to Cerberus Moto. Dave Hargreaves and Jennifer Gardner have been in the motorcycle co-op business since 2006. Our shop is a membership based San Diego motorcycle shop. Its a DIY motorcycle shop where you can bring in your bike and work on it in our shop.

     We provide benches to put your bike on at a comfortable height. All the tools you need, from basic tools to specialty tools. We also have a complete electrical, rolling tool cart, specialty engine working area, welding area with TIG, MIG, and gas machines, and a vapor blaster to bring parts back to their former glory. A sealed paint room to make your bike look any way you want. A large collection of service manuals and a member computer to look up anything you may need to know or need to get.

     Dave has a vast knowledge of bikes and will help you with any questions you may have. We also have workshops on motorcycle repair, so you can learn specific things on your bike, from basic maintenance to how to change your chain and sprockets. We also throw bike nights, host events and lead rides on Sundays.